Saturday, January 22, 2011

What did I do now?

I've been a little off about posting this week, and for good reason!  Or at least I'm going to tell myself that.  You see, on Tuesday I put my car in a ditch.  It didn't seem to be that big of a deal, almost no damage to the car and I thought there was no damage to me.  I felt fine until I went to the gym on Tuesday night.  I first noticed that my knee didn't feel quite normal when I tried to stretch before class and couldn't lift my foot behind me to stretch my quad.  I knew it was my bad knee anyway.

Wait.  Back the truck up, we need some back story here.  In 2003 I had a pretty bad accident that involved me running an ATV into a fence post and hurling my body toward the ground at 30 mph or so.  The impact caused the bones in my leg to slam together, which in turn crushed my tibial plateau.  After weeks of waiting for the swelling to go down, the doctors put me back together with a cocktail of my bone stuff, some donor bone stuff, a metal plate and eight screws.  With about six months of physical therapy, I’ve been back to doing just about any activity I desired, including high intensity aerobics classes. 

Now, back to 2011.  Tuesday night I was stretching and noticed that something didn’t feel right.  I chose to ignore it and go through with class,  even when I felt a little discomfort while warming up.  Even when I thought I might be noticing a little more pain the usual I pushed through it.  By the time class was over my knee was swollen and I was having trouble walking.  But still on Wednesday I decided to wrap it myself and go to work.  By the end of the day the swelling had grown and was now noticeable in my leg and foot.  So Thursday morning, (after going to the dentist to get two fillings) I went to my doctor, who promptly sent me to ortho. 

Thankfully, the x-ray showed that there was nothing broken, and no problems with the 2003 fix.  Then we, they, the PA decided not to do any further tests that day.  After I left (with my Celebrex and Vicodin) I wished I had been a little pushier, since I’d really like to know what actually happened.  Instead I’m left to speculate with the help of my general doc.  Best guess is that when I hit the bank in the ditch my leg either crashed into the dash or door, or bent in a way that sprained a ligament.  Nice and specific, isn’t it?  Hopefully when I go back in three weeks I can be better about getting the information I need like; when can I go back to the gym? and what activities should I avoid? 

In the meantime my menu plan has gone out the window.  I am still hoping to make enchiladas, but it may get moved to next week.  I also just found a great sounding recipe for a way to use up the last of the leftover turkey, which obviously needs to be done soon so Sunday’s dinner may get bumped as well.  Maybe I’ll take advantage of this time of convalescence to catch up on some blog reading, blog planning and even writing!  Of course if my posts don’t make sense, I’m going to blame the pain-killers! 


Tania-Dreams2011 said...

Oh no! Take care of that knee! I think it's a good idea to rest up and read blogs :)

O. said...

sounds painful, i hope you get better soon

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