Reading the Label

Hey look, structure!  Here's a list of terms and ideas you may find around here:

Menu Monday - what happens when I have enough time and energy to not only put together an honest to goodness menu plan for the family, but I also find time to type it up and share it.

Tried-It Tuesday - this blog is one part weight loss story and one part recycled weight loss/fitness/nutrition information. So occasionally I want to share with you a recipe, exercise or other tidbit of advice that I have tried and tell you how it went.  Most of the time this turns out to be a recipe review, but on occasion you'll see something else.

Weigh In Wednesday - not only is this the day that I weight in at Weight Watchers, but it's the day that I want to hear from  you.  Talk about the topic I trow out there, or make one of your own.  Tell me how your fitness journey is going.  Ask me questions.  It's like open mic night, so let your hair down and share.

Thrify Thursday - the day of the week that focuses on my first intentions with this blog.  On Thursdays I like to sift through all the advice I've gleaned during the week and put it in one easy place.  Along with links, credit to the original location and some brief information, I'll share what I got out of the article.

This is what ... looks like - is just a glimpse into my everyday life.  Usually posted on the weekends when I don't have as much to say, or am just too busy spending time with...

The family (or - people who may be casually mentioned during blog writing)
  • Wrangler - the love of my life, my boyfriend of over 3 years.  We enjoy life on the farm, ballroom dancing, cooking together, going to church and spending time with our families whenever we can, including his four kids:
  • Gap- oldest child, oldest daughter.  The story is a long one, but you'll only see her name as often as we see her.
  • Guess - second child, younger daughter.  Athletic and sassy, this college student is always fun to be around and always keeping it real. 
  • Abercrombie - third child, oldest son.  A senior in high school who loves sports, his motorcycle and being outdoors.
  • Fitch - fourth child, youngest son (the baby).  Loves playing video games, watching SpongeBob Squarepants and a pickup game of football or basketball. 
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