Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like Two Sticks of Bitter... I Mean Butter

Checking in after Weight Watchers, meeting 3.  That title up there?  Pure Freudian slip.  I meant to type butter the first time, and it came out bytter.  So I decided to change it to the proper spelling and go with it.  When I weighed in today, I was disappointed to see I had lost 0.6 of a pound.  Then I remembered something.  One of those sticks of butter is only 1/4 of a pound.  I lost more than two of those!  Plus my total so far is exactly 5, which is twenty of those!  Even in my stock-up-while-it's-on-sale mode, I don't ever have that many in my freezer.  So now I'm not so bitter.  Besides knowing I'm still on the path to a healthier me, I also recognize the areas where I can do better.  I had too many indulgence days, used some of my points allowance on foolish things, and didn't focus enough on getting in my healthy checks. 

Which brings me to this weeks to do list. 

1.  I have a bad feeling about this.  I tend to be so sedentary!  (It sounds better than lazy)  I mean, I certainly don't have ax chopping (1 point earned for 10 minutes).  Consequently, I don't carry a lot of wood (also 1 for 10).  But I can claim housework, ballroom dancing, painting and even scrubbing the toilet.  Each gives me a points plus value earned of 1 for 10 minutes or 4 for an hour.  Bonus!

2.  The foods I choose:  Milk, Oil and Peanut Butter.  Stay tuned for results.

3.  At today's Weight Watchers meeting we had two lifetime members at goal share their loss and time of maintenance.  One said that in order to allow herself cheesecake, she buys the little squared and keeps them in the freezer.  When she wants one, she only takes one out, lets it thaw a little then puts it on a pretty plate.  When she eats it, she feels like she's at a party.  I'll keep reading success stories and tips on the website.  I'm hoping to find someone similar to me in terms of height and weight loss, to find it visually motivating.

4.  Done.  It's a thing.  And it's done. 

5.  Work in progress.  I actually love the little smiley face I get when I use my WW Mobile app to track my healthy checks, but I forget!  Okay - it is resolved, I'll do it every day this week.  Starting now!
Liquids (Water):  4/8
Dairy:  1/2
Fruits/Veggies:  2/5
Multivitamn 1/1
Healthy Fats/Oils: 0/2
Activity:  0/1  Does it matter that I'm on the DL?

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