The Girl in the Jeans

Hi, I’m Marcy, a thirty-something girl living in Eastern Iowa (I say thirty-something not because of vanity but laziness. I know I won’t want to update this bio with each passing birthday). In the “real world” I’m a personal banker with a small town financial institution. Here online, I spend my time looking for fitness, nutrition and weight loss advice in order to learn from it, try it out and send it back out to my readers.

I have struggled with weight and a healthy lifestyle most of my adult life. In 2003, I found success on the Weight Watchers™ program and lost over 50 pounds. After breaking my leg, getting a divorce and changing careers I gained around 40 of it back. The final wake up call came during a ruined night out with my boyfriend.

We were visiting his brother’s lake house for the weekend. We’d all be boating during the day and had come back to get showered and dressed for dinner and drinks. I had packed quite a few (more than necessary) outfits I considered fun and cute to wear for just such an occasion. As I tried each one on however I realized I felt absolutely hideous. I ended up in tears. I refused any words of support or encouragement. More tears came. Ultimately we had a nasty little spat and ended up being late for dinner.

Now I’m determined to avoid a repeat of that night. I find a lot of information and inspiration online, whether it be from other blogs, online recipes or news and magazine articles. I want to use the information I find for myself but also send it back to others who are on this journey with me. So stop by often, let me know you’re here and hopefully we’ll learn a thing or two from each other.

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