Thursday, March 18, 2010

::Thrifty Thursday:: Pub-Grub & Penny Pinching

Ah, the thrill of getting back on a routine.  It seems as though the fates conspire against me though, since my normal "after lunch break" when I normally blog was filled up with bank related work.  Nonetheless, I have persevered and I can now proudly present this week's installment of Thrifty Thursday.

THE FIND: I'm a sucker for a good motivational tale from the weight loss ranks, but this one has more that its fair share of feel-goodiness.  WHAT I GET OUT OF IT: I renewed sense of joy and determination about weight loss and fitness.  Despite circumstances that could become her excuses, Kimberly shows more resolve and purpose than I do most days.

THE FIND: Well, now that we have new motivation, let's focus on the midsection, eh?  Here's a workout fit for the fittest of Hollywood. WHAT I GET OUT OF IT: Some great moves, but having a diet that strict is a one-way ticket to binge-ville for me.  I enjoy some of the eating tips, but know I can't follow them all.

THE FIND: As I just mentioned, I can't be strict with myserlf when it comes to diet.  In the same way I can't restrict myself so much that I can't enjoy a drink from time to time or head out for a night with friends.  So I was happy when I found this Pub Grub Guide. WHAT I GET OUT OF IT: An article I should print, laminate, and carry with me whenever Merv and I head out with his brothers. 

THE FIND: When I wake up the morning after those nights out, I generally feel like I should make up for it with a healthier day ahead.  How about a salad that satisifes?  WHAT I GET OUT OF IT: The realziation that salads don't have to have lettuce.  Who knew? And how good does that California Chicken Salad look?

THE FIND of the WEEK: Anyone who tries to eat healthy, raise kids, try new recipes or a combination of those knows:  A healthy kitchen can sometimes equal a large grocery bill.  At any rate, it can be a challenge.  What if I looked at my pennies the way I look at my points (or calories for you non-Weight Watchers)?  Alice Wood thought of that: it's called Wealth Watchers. WHAT I GET OUT OF IT: A challenge to track every penny I spend.  I know it's not a new concept, but somehow the fact that it's similar to a program I've already had success with makes it more approachable for me.  I've got to start saving somewhere for all that fashion I plan on snatching up when I reach my forever weight!

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