Monday, March 1, 2010

I Comment Therefore I Am ::A Genius Genesis::

Today I'm going to (finally) post my first attempt at I Comment Therefore I Am.  This fun post idea is the brainchild of Unknown Mami.  She is, of course, clever and talented and gives better comment than I, but I figure with a little practice and the constant awareness that whatever I post while commenting may be recycled for more eyes to see I may get better in time.  I suppose I'll also get better at posting this around once a week instead of stock piling for two or three weeks at a time.  Anyway, here we go!

Unknown Mami

Debbie (On the Refrigerator Door) shared a story about a car she bought and drove (despite some shortcomings) before college.  Her troubles inspired me to share one of my own...
I can so relate to the car being on fire! A few years ago I had finished a very ambitious day of bra shopping and was now in the drive up lane at my bank. As I sat there waiting to receive my cash back I noticed what I thought was steam coming from the hood. I pulled into my work parking lot because it was about a block away, popped the hood and found flames! I ran to our security guard station and asked them to call the firemen and did they have a fire extinguisher? Despite the fact that there was one hanging onthe wall behind him, the man proceeded to tell me they didn't know where one was, called the firemen and watched my poor little car go up in flames.

Well, not an entire loss: one of my coworkers did manage to rescue my purse and my shopping bags. :)
Netters at A full Plate ~ A Happy Life had posted her weekly menu and I wanted to comment on the way she had chosen the week's fare.  I also had a little confession to make...

I love this idea! I think I'll have to let others do the picking one of these days. I may change my mind though when I have to make homemade sushi and lasagna every week though.  :)

Hey funny story though. So for as long as I can remember (here in the blog-world at least) I've been thinking that your blog was some other blog I've been following: Eat, Scrap, Love. I have no idea how I got that idea, but I think you follow it as well and maybe I followed a link in your blog and forgot. I don't know but I'd been wondering why you never had your own entries but you faithfully commented on mine. Then I read the most recent entries on that blog and my heart dropped! Then I noticed the name of the author was not Netters and began to wander around, eventually ending up at your ACTUAL blog, which is gorgeous, full of wonderful entries and - to be honest - is making me hungry.

So there you have it; the reason I haven't been here to comment. But now I've found you, girl - so get ready to feel the love!
In honor of Valentine's Day Angie at Little WORTH-while Moments asked her readers to share the story of their first kiss...

My first kiss was at Adventureland Park, just outside of Des Moines, IA (Yes, Angie, I know YOU know where it is, but this is for the benefit of your readers). Our Jr. High band had gone there for some parade/competition and we spent the rest of the day riding rides, etc. It was a rainy and cool day, so the lines to the water rides were extremely short. Me and two of my band friends (girls) were riding one raft on the Raging River and this other raft had three boys on it. Since each raft seats 6 and no one else was waiting, we all got on the same raft and rode together. So the six of us spent the day together and I paired up with a guy named Chris. We played games, I wore his sweatshirt because I was chilly, we shared funnel cake. He was from Davenport and I lived 5 hours away but he was older and he was learning to fly and I just knew he'd come and see me and we'd live happily ever after. So when it was time to get on the bus and head home, he and I shared a pleasant (but no fireworks/butterflies/fire in the belly stuff) first kiss. After that, I think we exchanged exactly one letter and one postcard.

Now that you're read my attempt, head over to Unknown Mami's blog and check out the master at work.  Beware though, your comments may just be featured in a future edition of I Comment Therefore I Am!


Unknown Mami said...

You're good! You give very good comment.

What I love about this idea is that sometimes we share things through comments that we would never share in one of our posts. It's wonderful. I loved all your stories.

You should definitely keep doing this.

Traci said...

Hey Mary!

I came over from Unknown Mami. I participated in I Comment, as well. It's fun, isn't it?

Great comments! For the record,
I got my first real kiss on The Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyworld. What is it about amusement parks?

Traci said...

Oops! I didn't catch my typo until after it posted -- I meant Marcy!!!

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