Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If I write too much, I might pull a muscle

Last night at my BodyAttack class, our leader winced a little while she was stretching and warming up.  She had just come back from a 10 day vacation and advised us all to "not going 2 weeks without working out."  I think blogging is a lot like exercise that way.  I haven't written in over a week and I'm afraid if I jump right in on a Writer's Workshop Assignment I might hurt myself.  I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday but didn't have any inspiration (or photos ready to go) for that either.  So today I found a new Wednesday activity and I've decided to play a game hosted by The Seattle Smith's

'I wish' .... I could win the lottery REAL soon, and I would hope to build the perfect home in the country.

Merv and I have recently been looking at houses.  Not exactly in that "urgent-show us everything you have-we have to buy right now" way of looking at houses, but more in that "there's a tax incentive to get it done before the end of April" way.  And no Mom, it doesn't mean there's a ring on my finger either.  It just means he likes to take me along when he's looking at a home because it's quite possible I could also live in it someday.  In the short time we've been looking though, we've realized just how hard it is to find exactly what we're looking for.  I'm sure everyone goes through this, so I know I'm not unique.  I also know that when we find the right one, we'll probably know even when it's not perfect. 

But that's not today's game, is it?  Today's game is about wishing.  So I would build a house that:

Has exactly enough bedrooms. Of the houses we've seen, there are two I like the best.  One is a tiny little house with a reasonably small price but with even tinier bedrooms.  And there are only two of them.  The other has five, plus a bunch of open commen spaces for a family room, game room, etc.  I think we need at least three, but no more than four.  Hey, I can be flexible.

Has a master suite with eastern facing windows on the main floor (and large enough to comfortably fit king sized bedroom furniture.)  I used to think I didn't care that much about the bedroom.  In a way, it's only my third most important part of a house.  Size is probably just something I mention because we're pretending money is no object but placement in the house really is important.  One level living is something I'm told will become more important to me with age.  My knees are already starting to see the wisdom.

Has a laundry room situated very near that master suite.  Of the places I've lived, one of my favorites had a little stacked washer and dryer right outside my bedroom door.  It was so handy!  I'm sure I would upgrade from closet to entire laundry room though.  I'd probably even have my own television in there for entertainment while I folded.

Has an attached 2 car garage.  Do I really need to explain that one?  But in addition to that garage we would need an outbuilding/shop big enough for 3 motorcycles, 2 cars, and 1 tractor.  It would also need to have enough space to work on all of these items.  Actually, while we're dreaming, let's go ahead and fully equip that shop with all the tools, gadgets and other such items needed to work on those big-boy toys. 

Has an office.  I considered leaving this one out, because I don't really know if Merv would continue to work after we won the lottery.  But if he did, the office would either need to be built into that shop I mentioned (ideal!) or conveniently located near the door to that attached garage.  It would also need lots of storage space and bookshelves for all the literature and equipment that is required when you run your business out of your home. 

Has a large, well lit gourmet kitchen.  This is the most important room of the house to me.  Having extra space allows for the family to cook together, for Merv and I to dance together on Sunday morning when the local station plays polka music and Merv wants to kick up his heels while I make breakfast, and for ample storage space. And I'm going to need storage space because, like the shop, this room will be well stocked with every gadget, gizmo, ingredient and appliance that a spoiled kitchen-queen needs.  Oh - it has to be well lit so everyone can be happy while we spend time in there. 

Has about 2 acres of land lawn...and possibly farming acres around that.  We like seclusion.  We prefer that seclusion in the country, but a large lawn (ok - 1/2 an acre would suffice) in town might work,  I'll take enough space to build that workshop, have a vegetable garden, play football, softball and fly kites.  The farming acres would be for Merv.  He already farms as a hobby, so how much more could he do that if money were not a problem and he was able to quit his full time job.  Oh yeah, then we might need a barn too.  If that's the case, then my dream house needs to come with horses.  :)


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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Talk about the best home ever! You need to make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!

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