Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is it too much to ask?

You may as well know now, early on in our blogger/bloggee relationship, that I occasionally like to rant. I’m generally a passive aggressive person, so releasing my frustration online is my preferred method.

Today’s rant comes to you from the restroom. No – not the bathroom in my house which I share with three members of the male influence – that’s a story for another time. This time, it’s the small room I share with the women I work with. For over a week now, I’ve noticed the fact that our waste bin is getting full. And by full I mean you have to stand on top of the contents in order to squish them down far enough to add one more paper towel. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I should just take it out, right? Well I thought of that. Usually, I do that. I’m happy to do so – well, more than willing anyway. This time though I wanted to see how bad it would have to get before someone else took care of the situation. It’s also been a very snowy winter here, but that wouldn’t stop me… just slow me down.

So like I said, it’s been about a week and I’ve been waiting. Then this morning when I took my first potty break I realized there were about 5 paper towels left. Again I thought I’d just see if someone else would fill it. Little did I know that I would come back in after lunch to find that not only was the waste bin full, the paper towels gone, but BOTH rolls of TP were now empty. If I hadn’t had to go so bad I swear I would have boycotted the place for the rest of the day. Really – empty rolls and no courtesy to refill it?
Of course I know everyone else is secretly saying the same thing about me and we all wait for the other to restock the room, so really I have to room to complain. Yet I do it anyway. It’s how I roll

Come on, I had to, it's funny.


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