Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Foodie Photog & All the Pretty Flowers

I've been slacking in my duties lately and haven't tried a new recipe for awhile.  We had quite the weekend of company and Olympics watching so I stayed with tried and true favorites and crowd pleasers.  The salsa I made got rave reviews though.  I considered using that as my recipe review this week, but let's face it - if you make homemade salsa you've already got a favorite.  Mine's a really easy recipe though!  It also may have been the most Weight Watchers friendly thing I had all weekend. 

Since I have no recipes to review for you all, I thought I would simply review tell you about a couple of blogs I'm loving right now. 

The first shout out is actually kinda self-serving.  Jocelyn is a pastor's wife and proud mother with a life full of cheesecake baking and card making.  In addition to making adorable cards and gorgeous scrapbook pages which she showcases on her blog, she also has a wonderful talent for making fabric flowers and turning them into gorgeous jewelry.  She's just recently opened an Etsy store, The Trendy Owl.  She's giving away a lovely necklace so head over to her blog, check out the store and enter the giveaway.  P.S.  Tell her I sent you :)

Now my second guest is a dear friend.  I've known her for more than 10 years, even though we lost touch during that time.  She's a talented photographer who just happens to make delicious food.  She's also one of the sweetest girls you'd ever meet.  Sadly, I've been following the wrong blog for a few months, somehow thinking it was hers!  Today I finally got the ordeal straightened out and headed over to her real blog, A Full Plate ~ A Happy Life.  To make up for all the comment love she hasn't been getting, I am giving her a the best gift I could think of :)

Tomorrow may bring a Wordless Wednesday or a Writer's Workshop Wednesday.  None of the prompts were speaking to me today, so we'll see if they change their tune.  Otherwise, pictures it will be!


Netters said...

I LOVE the flowers! Admission: I think I am getting a little bit obsessed with the incredible designs on her etsy store! Very, very, very pretty (Second admission: Oh, how I wish I had a daughter! I will have to just make due with my 3 nieces!)

Netters said...

Revelation: I think it has been about 17 years since we first met. We really need to get together for a girls' night. We probably do not live any farther apart than we did back in high school!

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