Friday, February 11, 2011

Two & a Half Weeks

That's how long it's been.  And itt's with a heavy sigh that I take up my keyboard and type.  I have been a bad blogger.  I have been a bad Weight Watcher.  I have been a bad homemaker. 

But I have excuses. 

Remember my knee injury?   Turns out it was a little worse than I thought.

Turns out I injured my ACL. 

Remember (from the same post) my previous injury and how I had to be rebuilt like the bionic woman? 

Turns out all that metal makes it pretty tough (as in impossible) to do an MRI, so we don't know how bad it really is. 

We do know it's equally difficult to do reconstructive surgery.  So I start physical therapy this week.

And while I've been waiting through the pain and swelling and the uncertainty and inactivity, I've been bad. 

What my days largely looked like (Magzines, Books, TV)
I haven't blogged.

I haven't worked out.

I've eaten poorly out of boredom.

The poor eating has led to weight gain.

And all of the above (plus other things) has made me a little depressed.

Guess what depression leads to?  (More eating)

But I know.  Time to snap out of it and stop feeling sorry for myself. 

So I'm planning to continue blogging, but I don't know what format I'll follow.  For now, it's gonna just be whatever it wants to be.  It's difficult for me to stand and cook, so no new recipes.  I can follow Weight Watchers though and need to get back to that. 

So I'll be around.  And I'll be candid.  And we'll get through this leg of the journey.  Can I borrow your legs from time to time since I only have one good one?

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Netters said...

(((Hugs))) So sorry to hear about your injury - and that it was a bit worse that originally thought. Let me know if you need anything. A girls' night in with some low-fat appetizers and desserts and some sappy movies may be just what the doctor ordered. :D

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