Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short and Sweet [[Thrifty Thursday]]

It's time for another installment of Thrifty Thursday.  The day of the week when I take all of the advice I've gleaned during the week , reduce it to only the finest, and share it with all of you.

Weight loss strategies that even I have time for! 
Some of my favorite ideas are: 

A mini-manicure.  I get this one.  I absolutely hate messing up the paint job.  And there's no way of reaching into a bag of Garden Tomato Basil Lays potato chips without doing so. 

Slicing my food.  I am all about presentation.  Even when I have a frozen meal for lunch, I place it nicely on a small, bright yellow plate.  And I drink my milk from a real glass.  So I can see how I would like be pleased by neatly cut portions of my food. 

Adding Air.  We get this same advide in Weight Watchers.  It's why air-popped popcorn is such a superstar.  The air helps make you feel full.  (The same concept applies to why eating grapes makes you fuller than eating the same number of raisins.)  So I'm going to by whipped yogurt and whipped butter. 

Finally - replacing Mayonnaise with Hummus.  I love hummus.  Why wouldn't I love it on a sandwhich.  Oh hello turkey and chickpeas!
My find this week is your finds.
What tips and tricks have you found this week? 

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