Monday, March 21, 2011

My weekend = Sabotage

Who hasn't had that kind of weekend?  A hectic schedule, a bump in the road and some added stress and suddenly your healthy eating plan is right out the window.  (Along with all of my other plans, I might say!)  So this Monday morning I needed a little advice, and a little motivation. 

The advice I found at with a 3 Day Diet Recovery Plan.  The great part is, I'm already using many of the ideas.  Plus, since the plan doesn't include any crazy fasting or food preparation I know it will be easy to stick to. 

I also found a great quote this morning by Ralph Marston:
Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

It's already posted on my computer!  Now to plan this week's menu...  Hopefully I will get it posted later today.

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Patty said...

Hi Marcy
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I also have been on a quest to healthier living. I became a vegan (for 4 months ha!) last year and I think I'm going to give a whirl again.
I have about 10 more pounds to lose and can totally relate to others in the same boat as I.

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