Monday, April 5, 2010

I Hear a Sound

Oh yeah, I love thunderstorms.

Do you remember, in the movie The Lion King, when Scar responds to Mufasa's name by saying "oooo... Mufasa" and shudders? That's the way I react to thunder. (…except my reaction is not sarcasm born out of destructive jealousy.)

So we have a nice collection of thunderstorms coming through the area today but I’m not sure it will amount to more than a few of those low sweet rumblings. I will have to be happy with what we’ve gotten though, despite the fact that I’m the kind of girl who gets disappointed when the weathermen tell me the storm is breaking up or will pass me by. Maybe I’ve missed my calling and should be a storm chaser.

The weekend was a busy one but Friday’s efforts paid off. I did make it to the Weight Watchers center to find out I was down 1.8 pounds last week. That brings my average up to over a pound a week and I love it. I’m settling in for the distance and mentally preparing myself to let the weight come off at a reasonable weight. I still haven’t decided, however, whether or not I will continue to go to meetings or go for it online.

Anyone out there have feedback? Have you been in Weight Watchers? If so, do you prefer meetings or online? How about other weight loss methods, do you prefer to go it alone or have group support and accountability?


Just One Week said...

I've never done WW - but I imagine that in person meetings make you more accountable than an online meeting. It's the same way things are easier when anonymous or through distance - actually having to see the number on the scale, say it aloud to someone, have them say it, have them write it down - it is a bigger consequence (or reward) than doing it online. That's my vote :)

Visiting from SITS!

Laela said...

I have done weight watchers and I would say keep going to the meetings! I stopped going and tried to do the "myself" program and of course gained back. The program works, you need to stay motivated and part of that is meetings.... You get both accountability and usually some good tips or hints of what is working for others! Love ya cousin! You are inspiring me to start back up!

Netters said...

I love thunderstorms too, Marcy. I enjoy feeling the rumbles and booms and the cuddles I get from my boys as they excitedly squeal when the thunder makes its entrance. I love rainy days - so relaxing and refreshing. And, one of my favorite smells is the fresh scent right after a nice spring shower.

My input regarding online versus in person WW meetings. I would say, if you opt to do it online (for convenience or whatever reason) - find an accountability partner. Not your guy ... a friend. Someone where you can have a partner to be accountable to. You can share your triumphs (after all, it is exciting stuff!) or your frustrations. It is too easy to slack (and cheat yourself) if you go at it alone. Just my 2 cents...

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