Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perspectives on a Corn Crib (Photo Challenge)

Spring Into Action Photo Challenge
Day One:
Photograph a subject using a variety of compositions and perspectives. (Don’t move it. Move yourself.) Take at least 20 photos, more is fine.

I photographed an old corn crib in the back yard in late afternoon:


I did take at least 20, but didn't add them all.  Soemtimes, you just gotta hit delete! 

Now for Day Two:
Edit your photos. Pick your best 3 photos, each showing a unique composition and/or perspective. If you want to apply any correction or creative editing via software or an online tool, go ahead.
Blog Your Photos. Use your photos in a blog post to enhance a story you’re telling. You can post the photos individually or in a collage.

Here are a few of the edits, I'll pick the top three and post a second time...

All edits done with Photoshop Express

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